New Breed/SBGi Brown belt promo!

Mike Chapman and Tom Oberhue presented Chris Woolford with a brown belt sent up by Chris' original instructor John Ouano tonight.

Chris is one of the most technical finishers I've ever sparred with, and this promotion was at least a year overdue IMO.

I'll try to get Chris out to Spring Camp for sure. I'm also happy to say we have become close friends since he moved up a here a little over two years ago. Let the good times keep rollin! =)

Take care guys,

Overdue is an understatment. Woolford is a beast!

Awesome! Congrats to Chris!


When Chris came to the Portland/Beaverton area a little over two years ago, I hadn't tapped to a heel hook in a couple of years. Within the span of 15 minutes he nailed me 5 times. Him and Eric went back and forth with leg locks last night, and Hemphill told me he got him about 12 times to 2. Woolford's gi game is nuts as well. Definitely one of those people that can ruin your day if you don't leave your ego at the door! L

There is a good chance both of us will be competing at the Gorilla Cup this Spring, so start practicing up now! ;o)

Take care,


Such a wealth of talented coaches and students in the SBGI,
Go SBGI in 2005.


COngrats for Chris. An overall nice dude amd good teacher.

I can't wait for the Spring Camp. Hopefully my work and school schedule will allow for me to go. Beware though, I will be bringing Version 2.5. Even the best need on update every now and again LOL. Hope to see y'all there.

LOL at Rory Singer 2.5!

Chris has been an integral part in helping many people around him become more technically skilled in bjj and sets a stellar example as dedicated husband and family man. He's got like how many kids? 7 now or something?

Congrats Chris. Your promotion is well deserved.


Congrats to teammate Woolford... we'll see you this Saturday @ Newbreed.