Would like to congratulate Wil Cunninham on getting his brown belt at the Pan Pacs in Melbourne on Sunday the 12th of December.
Well done Wil.First brown belt in Perth W.A.

Congrats Wil !

Congrats Wil!

Big Congratulations to Wil!!!

Very well deserved promotion, nice work mate!!!


Well done Wil!!

Congratulations Will, well deserved.

Tim Ritchie

Congratulations Will,

I knew it couldn't be far - you always give me a hard time in tournaments. Would really like to roll with you outside of that atmosphere, maybe you'll be able to stay in Melbourne longer next time. Have you viewed the video of our match. I did and can see why it turned out the way it did, but can also see how it could be interpreted otherewise. Anyway, that's why it's best to submit people, then no one can argue. Congrats again,


Heya guys.
I will let Wil know about all the replies.
I just posted this thread to let everyone know about the good news.
I know he will be stoked when he reads all the replies to the thread i placed.
Cheers fellas.

Thanks guys for all the kind words. I appreciate being part of the jiu jitsu family. Murray I haven't seen the vid yet but it doesn't worry me much. You earned the win and did well on the day. Thanks for being a great competitor and a worthy opponent. I will see you again soon.
Thanks also to all the Sydney Roots team. It was good to catch up with you all. Andrew, Phillipa, Dave, Rob N., Fabio, Andres, Mindu(?), Peixe, and Tiago, Sorry you couldn't make it. You were missed. I hope to get to Sydney for a visit very soon.
Thanks to all my guys at Roots Perth (Lou;). I love you guys.
Thanks Paulo for training me up for the belt and coaching me the last two years.
Thanks Jason for giving me my start.

Alright I'm going to get off of here before it starts to sound like an Emmy speech. (too late)

See you guys.


Hey Ben,
Thought I'd do the right thing and answer your ques but Will is right, it doesn't matter. It was a fun match.
Yeh, as far as I know it was 6 all then the armbar was given an advantage. The 'on top' part was the contentious issue but was explained to me in terms of an omaplata sweep. If I got swept by you via this sweep and you sat on you but next to me with my arm still and I stayed on my back, that's a sweep, 2pnts. A slim win anyway.


Congratulations Will, well done mate.