new brown belt in Texas under RELS

Under Relson Gracie is Phil Cardella- CONGRADULATIONS! Jay Dennis

I mean Congratulations, Sorry for my terrible spelling, but hes a brown belt all the same. By the way if you read this Phil, Kei is out in Hawaii for 2 weeks to prepare for the Arnolds.

Congrats Phil!


Congrats Phil C.!!!!!

Dustin Ware

WOOO HOOO!!!! Congrats from your teammates in Columbus!!!

It was expected Phil!!! Congratulations , you more than earned it!!! Manny

congrats Phil, ttt

Congratulations Phil!! Well deserved my friend. Train hard and let's help Relson take the brown belt division at the arnold's and win the whole team tournament. God Bless Phil! I'll talk to you very soon!!


Congratulations Phil!

From Kurt in Columbus, Ohio!!!

That's awesome news!

congrats Phil.

CONGRATS!!! Well deserved!!




Cool congrats Phil! Now how about some friggin black belt promotions!


Thank you, I just got to test out my brown belt yesterday against Anre Okpaku (3 stripe Brown 245lb monster) The belt works well, it even fits, but I tell you, Relson holds his competitors to very high standard (he likes his brown belts well done) I look forward to filling the belt out, I expect to have the belt for several years. I will be competeing as a Brown Belt lots, should be humbling & rewarding. So now we have 2 Brown Belts training out of our school. Thanks to all that helped me get to this point & to those that are helping me fill out the belt. Thanks to all that sent me warm wishes, now, back to training, the students all want to pull a Brown Belts arms off. We put pictures of the promotion up on our site, the promotion happened at our last Austin tournament. Relson said some words then their was a whipping party. Thanks again everyone.