New Brown Belts at McVicker's

I wanted to give a big congratulations to my friends and teammates Jeff Serafin and Jimmy Salamanca for getting their brown belts today. They are well deserved. I am fortunate to get beat up all the time by these two spectacular competitors. This is a huge accomplishment, especially because we know that Jack McVicker and Megaton Diaz make you earn them.
Also congrats to Bill Henry, Billy Stamp, Casey, and Brandon on the blue belts. Great job everyone!!

Kyle Watson

Awesome!! Congrats guys!!!!!!

James Clingerman

Mad props to these guys.

Serafin has been a terror on the mat for a long time.

Megaton and McVicker belts are LEGIT and these guys earned them!

Watch out in the Brown belt division!

--Tim Sledd

Awesome! Congratulations, Jeff!

Kyle Cannon

Congrats guys wish I coulda been there on saturday

GO JIMMY! Congrats-Jimmy Salamanca!


I am so glad to hear this... These are 2 of my favorite guys in the “BJJ Game”! Not only that, but they have been a friend to me for a long time.
Kyle, I am sure your Brown is not far off :-)
Congrats Jimmy & Jeff!!!
- Dustin Ware


First thanks for all the kind words guys. I just want to say it is a huge
honor to get promoted to brown belt by Jack
and Meg and look forward to starting my journey through the rank of
brown belt. I also want to thank all my training partners and insturctors
for helping me get here.


Congrats guys!

Congrats again guys Mike D'Arria from Terre Haute also got his blue at the Meg seminar


Awesome! Congrats!

Great instruction from Peplowe, Jack and Megaton...Awesome supporting cast as well.