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Shirt looks ok but where is Vitor's name plasterd all over it?

Vitor is sponsored by Chris Brennans "No Gi" line? Cool.

The shirts are running a bit larger than brazilian sizes ,because we are shipping a lot to America.

Get a size XL and see if that fits , if doesn't , just return it to our US office.



That's a cute shirt. What's it say under the BTT logo?

If they are Brazilian size then they can be used as handpuppets. If you are going to sell to Americans how about making American sizes. A Brazilian XL is equal to an American Medium. How about getting size GGGG and above?


nogi is already a company.

Shouldn't BTT wait to make sure he sticks around?

Per BTT , Vitor will be wearing that shirt at UFC . We got some before his trip to America , this is a limited edition.



ordered mine as soon as i read the thread earlier today, i hope they're selling some other cool belfort shit at the show

so is Belfort actually training with BTT again? who's gonna be in his corner?


you will receive your shirt . If you never heard about us , just do a search under our name and you will see ,how serious we are. Plus we spend reasonable amount of money in ads and this year we will be supporting famous fighters .

Contact us , should you have any concerns.