New CA Vaccine mandate = No more large MMA promotions?

We know many fighters have said they aren’t taking the vax. I’m sure many fans feel the same.

So now if you want to attend any indoor OVER 1000 you must have proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test.

I think the recall vote for Gavin Jewsom is tomorrow, but I’m not optimistic after the 2020 presidential election.

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I was hoping MMA events would start to come back to LA. I miss seeing the regular Bellator cards at Pechanga!

If it’s that deadly, why make the cutoff 1,000?

If it’s that deadly, why can I remove my mask once seated in a restaurant?


They lowered the cut off and wouldn’t be shocked to see them lower it again and the restaurant argument is weak AF. The reason is you need to take it off to eat, there should be distance between your party and the next table and typically people know everyone in their group. Sorry you lack basic thinking like most adults

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Too many pussies in this world afraid of a common flu.


It’s not about deaths at all. It’s about getting the morons to buy the vaccine with their tax money.

Phizer made 5 billion in one quarter. Where’s that money come from? Government. How do they get that money? From us.

Here take a 3rd booster shot so we can increase our profits even more



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I hate the world we live in now.


All requires compliance. If being able to take the mask off once you’re seated at a restaurant doesn’t show these programmed cattle that this shit is all theater, nothing will.