New cage design

Add another option to the list of cage designs we offer.

NO BOTTOM RAIL design. The fencing meets the deck of the cage allowing better visibility. Where most have ran into a problem trying to build something like this, we have eliminated ANY space between the fencing and the floor so you have no gap at all, no getting your feet down in between etc...

For a limited time we are offering this design at the same cost as a standard cage. 7000 w/ no wood, 7500 with wood flooring (20 ft) and up from there. Don't forget the UG discount as well!!! You'll get it for less than it is listed for on the website.

Other cages: Standard cage, adjustable height cage (3 ft, 2 ft and floor cage setting), deluxe packages that include diamond steel walkarounds etc..., grand daddy of all cages (NOTHING on the market comes close) etc...

We are 1/2 the cost of the big boys and giving you better grades of steel and vinyl and offering a lifetime warranty on welding.

NICE! Keep up the good work.



just for you crazy dave, let me get them off my phone and I'll post them bro.... cause... don't you know who I am....bro?

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If you wanted a comparable cage to this you'd pay twice the amount we build them for.  Why?  I have absolutely no overhead.  These come complete with 2 doors, wood flooring, all padding, vinyl, corner pads.  We also offer wooden (we can usually do these for free) or diamond steel steps, camera stands (if we have the diamond steel on hand, we can do these for free, USUALLY we do).  We also have height adjustable options for minimal costs.  We can do diamond steel catwalks or grated steel surface as well as our trussing system cage framing or even heavy duty models.  Lifetime warranties on all welding (unless it falls off a trailer and gets run over by a semi, which, believe it or not, has happened).  We can do just about ANYTHING you want with a cage, just ask, if we haven't explored it previously, we can custom design it for you.




Crazy Dave on hand with the good stuff haha

Plenty of leftover steel, we are offering these now at 6000 w/o wood and 6500 with wood.




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Ah yes, one of my adjustable height wrestling rings and the main event at a benefit show last month. A family had lost a father and 3 children in a fire a couple of months ago so we all went in, free of charge and did a benefit show for the family to help with expenses. Took in 8-9 of our students, a few friends in the business, myself and my assistant instructor and had a pretty damn good show and have been asked to come back in August and do another benefit show for a gentleman with cancer. I believe that show is Aug 27th, I just got a text about it this morning for the open date at the armory.

Rings and Cages not only sponsors fighters and wrestlers but also tries to help out as much as we can with good causes in the area. And it's because of all of our customers that we are able to do that.

 great innovation. props for seeking to improve the status quo.

Thanks man