New cameras coming out

A few new cameras of interest coming out in the near future (within the next 2 months)

One is the Sony HDV camera. Suggested retail price is $3700 (which means it will probably be around $2500-$3000 if you shop around)

The reason this camera is interesting, is because it is the first 3ccd High Defintion consumer/prosumer level video camera. The resoltion is 1440x1080 at 60i. The disappointing thing about this camera is that it is actually more of a consumer camera, it lacks XLR audio inputs and only shoots at 60i. The prosumer version of the camera is supposed to be out the begining of 2005, and it should shoot 24p/30p and 60i, and have XLR inputs and will cost about twice as much.

I think that HDV will be the next big step in digital film making, once they get the bugs worked out. If people can edit HDV at 1920x1080 on a PC or Mac that was shot on a 3ccd, >$5000 camera, this will be a huge boost for small/indie films and documentaries.

The other camera coming out soon is the Canon XL2, which shoots 16:9 native and it shoots 24p/30p/60i. I think this Canon is hoping that this camera will be a DVX100 killer, which from what I have seen it should be. Seems like a solid camera, and as usual with the XL1 style camera it looks insanely pro, it gets attention. The only thing I have read about this camera that I would be cautious about is that I think it will be crappy in any low light situations. My Sony's can shoot perfectly in almost no light and this ability has really saved some shoots where lighting was really bad.

Satan what cameras do you have currently, and what sort of work do
you do with them?

I have two Sony VX2000's. I do a lot of things with them, live music, surf, skate, music videos, interviews, whatever needs to be done...

Do you own your own production company? If any of these questions
are too personal or whatever, feel free to skip 'em.

I'm just curious as to the type of business you do. Do you take footage
of skating competitions, etc. and then make a DVD for the
competition? Do people approach you and say 'come film this concert
and make us a DVD out of it" or something?

SatanJr...I saw a recent review on the XL2. It looks pretty solid. I
am about to pick up another DVX100a. I have the DVX100 and I
love it. I am shooting this doc now in 24P and it looks pretty

Where are located? I have wondered this for a bit.


I am probably going to pick up a DVX100A and an anamorphic lens for it after the XL2 and Sony HDV cameras drive teh DVX100 prices down.

I am a freelance videographer/editor/whatever, word of mouth type business has worked well for me. I get paid to film live music, anything one song at a small club, to a large all day festival type thing. Surf/Skate stuff is just for pro's who need something cool to show their sponsors and whatnot.

Really, I can/will shoot and edit anything that interests me. It's not my bread and butter but I make some decent money from it. I was actually thinking the same thing. Wait till the
other 2 come out and drive the price down. I really like the
DVX100 so a second one would make sense for my 2 camera

Sounds like you get to do some cool stuff. I
am going to be working on some music stuff now as well. I am
working with one legendary punk band now and a hip hop
manager just asked me to shoot one of his groups' videos. Should
be interesting.

What do you edit on? I use FCP HD. I really like the system.

Apologies for the hi-jacking.

SatanJr, what made you decide to get VX2000's? Are there definite
advantages between the 3000-4000 dollar DV cameras out there right

Lynn, have you had any problems with your DVX100 thus far?

Demonclown...I have NOT had a single problem! It is an amazing
camera. Shooting at 24P produces some of the most beautiful
footage I have seen from a mini-DV. It is truly a great camera. that enough gushing?

"Are there definite advantages between the 3000-4000 dollar DV cameras"

Well the you can find the VX2000/2100's for a little over $2000 now. I got these cameras because they are 3ccd, the image quality is amazing, and they work GREAT in very low light/bad light situations. Sometimes I am shooting with no light at night, and these cameras can be adjusted to look perfect still. I will post some examples when I get my computer (my editing computer) set back up.

And the difference/advantage of a prosumer level camera compared to a typical >$1000 DV camera is huge. But you can get a decent low-end 3ccd DV camera now for around $1000 if you look around.

damn how many times are you going to change your SN?