NEW CAMO GI by Hatashita Sport

Take a look at the new FUGI FORCE #777 camo gi produced and sold by Hatashita Sports. I am currently using it my academy and recommend it to all of the soldiers and law enforcement agents/officers I train. The product is of good quality, soft feel, BJJ cut, and durable. You will go through 5 BDU/DCU/ACU type uniforms before going through one FUGI FORCE camo gi not to mention it is much safer to train with. If you train outside like I do sometimes in the grass, dirt, and sand it cleans up nicely. I am sending a sample to Matt Larsen at the Combatives School House in Ft. Benning for their consideration to be used as an official uniform for the ALL ARMY COMBATIVES TOURNAMANT or at least as an allowable option. You can see the product at
Hatashita Sports customer service is second to none, you will get the uniform within 3-5 business days. I have worked with the company to establish a Military Discount (5%) on any gi sales. If you are interested call your order in and use the code: MILGS or let them know I sent you.
Best in Training,
Garth Spendiff M.S., CSCS
Relson Gracie Black Belt
Coastal Combatives Inc.
Former Chief Combatives & Physical Training Instructor for the 3ID, Fort Stewart & Hunter Army Airfield

Other Testimonials:

"My name is John Renken and I am the chief combatives trainer for Ft. Campbell, KY. I have been using Fuji Gi’s for over a year now and this Desert Camo Gi is absolutely top of the line. The quality and durability is second to none and not nearly as expensive as other similar cut Gi’s are. If you want to sport a GI that morally supports what our men and women in the Global War on Terror are doing this is the Gi for you."

“Awesome Uniform! It has created quite a buzz at my dojo. The kids absolutely love it. We use it as a special reward for the “warriors” who battle in competition, and as prizes for our VIP contests. It is an excellent tool to motivate and energize students. Thanks for coming out with such a cool gi.” Jimmy Pedro (Multiple Time Olympic Judo medalist)

Accuse me gspendiff for asking, but why would you want combat soldiers and law enforcement agents/officers training in a camo Gi???

I can see BJJ civilians training in this to give them that warrior spirit, but not real world fighters. These guys should be training in the apparel/gear that they work in.

You don't have to train in full battle rattle to be training for real encounters. I once had a squad leader tell his squad that " you'll never pull that groundfighting stuff off in your body armor" which I disputed by applying a RNC to him while we were both wearing body armor with full combat loads in a friendly rolling session.

You are right, you don't have to train in full battle rattle, you can be in a tutu? But I adhere to training the way one will be fighting, and if you intend to be fighting for your life in a Gi, my bad.

And I will not disagree that you got the RNC on the guy.
But what I will say, is on a % basis that will not happen, and IMO your instincts would have been better used to draw your blade or your firearm when you got the back, not a sport move. Poor mind conditioning for crisis situations.


I agree with you BUT only it is only important after you learn the techniques. From my experience, soldiers need to learn the techniques without their battle gear first and know them first. I think BDU's are fine although I hate rolling in them myself


Where can I get these?

How are you? I have not seen you in a long time. Hope all is well. You can get the gi at (use the code MILGS to get 5% off).

Joe, your comment is a common one and it warrants a decent reply. Bottom line is that daily training sessions in BDU's, tactical gear, shirts and ties, suits, and all other types or military and law enforcement dress uniforms destroys their uniforms. A decent gi will last 1-2 years even if you are training 3-4 days per week (1-2 hours per day). A gi also give some sort of protection from pathogens that you might get from skin to skin or skin to surface contact (ie staff, ring worms, etc). The gi also serves to assist in heat stress acclimitization. I agree specificity in training is critical but I do not believe you need to have your full web gear on in order to develop the skill sets necessary for effective defensive tactics or hand to hand combat. Here is one way to look at a training evolution. Basic Technique Acquisition (static practice learning techniques that have gi and no-gi effectiveness)-----Application of Basic Techniques (dynamic sparring)-----Real World Application (scenario based drills with full or partial gear). One should always test the real world application/effectiveness of techniques prior to their implementation (ie a high kick in BDU's and Full Web Gear with a slung M-4, NOT HAPPENING). As far as the color of the gi goes, the camo is a new concept and can serve to identify and recognize military and Law Enforcement members of your class that are training in order to better protect our country and or communities. Some guys love it and some hate it, it's an option.
Take Care,

Using a Gi in an Army event takes the "Combat" focus out of the tournament. It basically turns it into a Jiu-Jitsu tournament, which in turn makes into a arena where just winning by points is good enough as opposed to trying to finish the fight. I would be ALL about it if you sent me a free one though.
Uncle Iako

For Army Combatives tournaments...we need to stick to uniforms if you ask me.

Training on your own dime and doing GI tournaments..heck I like it!

Garth, it looks like a good way to save your uniform dollars to me, and look cool doing it. And you know looking cool is half the battle.


looking cool ha nothing to do with the uniform or saving money. It's all about the showmanship. 90% showmanship plus 10% luck equals my kind of fight. That only leaves 10% to try and divide up between the rest of the stuff like skill, determnation and other useless things people try to use in the ring. Dont try and take up my extra 10% with unifroms and saving money.

what if they're training in an area where the woodland camo bdu is the uniform of the day? or the new digital bdu?

hell, i'm still waiting for fullfledged to come out with the acu sprawls. i'm tired of wearing the marine cammo. i got an acu kilt, why not fight short?

pounds fist in frustration

can i get one that says former world champ on the back?