New Card

I wish it was more clear, but the caption under the armbar is "Fighting for YOUR rights!"

Just in case anyone thinks this is an ad of some sort, WHICH IT IS NOT, I must add the following:  No representation is made that the quality of legal services offered is any better than the quality of any other properly licensed lawyer in the State of Alabama.

lol, good thing you added the disclaimer. You never know how many lawyers are lurking here


There you are!! Taking a quick break from the piles of paper, eh? Yeah, you never can tell when some idiot will try to cause you grief.

I thought you'd like that, too, John.

Hiza, why do you have to put that on ads? Is it really against the law to say that you are a better lawyer than Gardberg and Knuff? WTF? Whatever happened to self promotion? You should just bust out with an ad like this: "EVERY REPRESENTATION IS MADE THAT THE QUALITY OF LEGAL SERVICES OFFERED IS MUCH BETTER THAN ANY OTHER PROPERLY LICENSED LAWYER IN THE STATE OF ALABAMA." Then follow it up with the usual disclaimer just to CYA.

Because then I would have to listen to the ethics committee chastise and berate me just before they revoke my license. Besides, I'm horrible.

HAHAHA. You are great. Screw them dude. You remember the Boston Tea Party? EFF the GUBMENT!