new cigars coming

Casa Magna domus magnus- Domus Magna is made at Plasencia Cigars in Nicaragua. The cigars are blended by Manuel Quesada and the Plasencia family and is set to be released in two sizes. The Maximus (6.5 x 55/$9.95) and the Optimus (5.75 x 52/$8.95). The cigars are box pressed with a pigtail cap.According to Quesada, “It’s a totally different blend. The wrapper is a sun-grown Jalapa wrapper, and we have blended for the wrapper. It’s a totally different taste. I would consider them a little stronger and a totally different direction in the taste.”

quesada Oktoberfest - The Quesada Oktoberfest features a dark looking wrapper that Matasa calls, “Cibao”. To the naked eye, the cigar looks like a dark oily maduro. There is one medium-sized vein that stands out, but otherwise this is a gorgeous leaf. There is some tooth present, and in the hand the stick has a nice weight and is very firm to the touch. The band features the Quesada Q and the colors of Germany. Overall, one very attractive smoke.

cao Osa-  OSA is an acronym for the region of Honduras where the blend of tobaccos for this cigar comes from. The Olancho and San Agustin valley produce interesting leaves that contain lots of oils not found in other regions.  The wrapper is OSA. The Connecticut Broadleaf binder and blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran filler make this cigar a full-bodied smoke.


Got one of the new Casa Magnas in my cigar of the month club delivery. Really liked it. If you haven't tried a CORE (Herencia I think) that was damned good too. Expensive but man it was nice.

 Also, the Tatuaje 2011 TAA is amazing. A very limited release.

The lounge I go to has the Casa Magnas in stock, so I smoked another just to be sure. Really like this stick.

Had a tatuaje taa again today. Fantastic stick. Another new release that's good is the Alec Bradley black market.

quesada and plasencia are two of the most underappreciated guys in the game imo. quality cigars for the avg joe and high end stuff that stacks up to any of the more high profile brands.

 Def agree. Down to last half box of TAAs. Shitty. Best cigar of 2011 IIDO

Had the Casa Magna on vacation, delicious especially by a pool with port in hand. My Dad smoked a HUGE Oktoberfest at the shop the other night-over 2hr smoke.

If anyone hasn't tried Rodriguez Core Pure-give it a shot best cigar I have had in years. Had 2 and need to order more.

Damn... how can anyone smoke a stogie for 2 hours straight? I think I'd get a nicotine hang over from that :)

Sounds like good stuff though.

 Another new find. Oja Anniversary. Really nice smoke. The other Ojas are somewhat boring, but the Ann. is great.