New Combat Sambo T-Shirt

Our latest offering...the Six Deuce Combat Sambo t-shirt. Thanks to the UG for your input on this one...I appreciate it!

Merry Christmas!

Nice, but no pitbull?

Fuck, I knew I forgot something!!!! @#&$*#!!!!

Do you want an opinion on the shirt Quik? Or is that one set to print already?

Ethan, it's already been printed and is for sale. I've got another black version at the print shop right now, but this version was pretty heavily requested on another thread, so I decided to print both.

Looks sweet! Lovin the design

where im from, there is a MAJOR gang called Six Deuce Brimm Bloods...... I like the Sambo shirts but that red Six Deuce (62) would get me DEAD......for real!

LOL...unless the gang bangers can read Cyrillic, you shouldn't worry about it too much! ;)

man. i generally dont buy "MMA" shirts but im must admit you have cool stuff.

everyone here are walking in Fokai and RAZE shirts but im the only 1 walking around in Sambo and MMA.TV shirts.

you got a repeat customer.

Fokai and RAZE? That's walking around in very good company at least! I've always really liked their designs. Thanks for the compliment man, I appreciate that.

That shirt is ridiculously awesome.

I may have to add it to my collection that includes an authentic CCCP Wrestling shirt straight from the 70's Soviets!

^^^that is sweet! Any pics?


thank ya!

^^^Beat that doll's ASS Malachy!

Very Cool! Got mine ordered. I'll wear it teaching Army Combatives..


Cool...thanks man...take some pics and I'll post it on my site. The shirt will ship out first thing tomorrow!


^^it might just happen...we need some rashguards...

When will the black Combat Sambo T-shirt be ready?