New Website!

Hey Forum Members,

I have been trying for months to get our new website up and running, and its finally coming along.

All of the results, Pics, & highlight videos from our previous events are up.

There is also a new FORUM to discuss Strength & Conditioning for MMA, that I hope everyone starts posting on, I will be moderating the forum, and help answering anyones strength & conditioning questions

Still to come is an articles section, where myself and other strength & conditioning experts will be contributing articles in addition to fighter interviews with respect to strength & conditioning.

We will also be hosting an online store so you can get your hands on Combat Athletics Clothing and other products designed for MMA performance training.

Also, we will be announcing the date for our next Combat Athletics Submission Championship VERY SOON!!

There is still alot of work to do on this site, but I would love any feedback you guys have.

Thank you all for supporting Combat Athletics!!!

John Cooper


I gotta tell ya, that is a nice looking site!! Good for you guys.

thx for the feedback man!


Great looking site, when will your "articles" be working for me to read? :)

Are you the same John Cooper that organizes the Gracie Grappling event at the Arnolds?

No sorry. Different Guy.

The articles will be ready very soon.


john, i would take your name off of your screen name in order to stop the flaming from the people that might confuse you with that douch bag from the arnolds