New Computer, Any Ideas?

I don't know too much about computers at all, that actually
lead to me breaking my current computer beyond repair.
Anyway, I've decided to buy a new one and was wondering if
any of you guys had some gems of wisdom.
Recommendations? What NOT to get, etc.

Get a Dell! Talk to Pierson, he can help ya out.

What are you planning on using the computer for? I mean if you're a casual user then picking up a computer on special from future shop or getting a dell is a fine option. If you're planning on doing higher end graphics for say gaming or whatever then you might want to look at some other options.

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Dell is the way to go IMO. I've worked in computers for many years, and the last thing I wanted to do is go home and have to worry about my computer breaking at home.

I've had three DELL's and not one problem. I'm a big DELL supporter.

First, you need to figure out what you'll be doing with this computer most. If you're just using it to surf the web or use a word processor then you can buy pretty much anything out there. However, if you want to play games or use the pc as an entertainment centre then buying a dell or future shop will be useless (unless you blow 3g's).

You should call a few of the smaller shops and see if what they'd charge to put one together for you. I just built my own this Christmas and I saved around 3-400 bucks. Start here:

These two shops have the best prices imho.

My biggest problem with Dell is if you want to upgrade or add on, if isn't a dell product it's a big pain in the ass. Lot's of glitches compatibility wise.

Dell got it's name because of it's customer support but honestly, if you even have the slightest knowledge or your friends do, your paying alot of extra money for customer support you'll never use.

Have your system built custom for you is the way to go.

JHR, this is me we're talking about dude, I have zero
knowledge. Of anything:) Primarily, yeah just surfing the web
and word processing for school. I also want to get a really
solid web publishing program installed on there and maybe
a video editor, too. Right now I do all my editing on my
PowerBook G4, but it'd be cool to get a different program for
my PC to do some extra messin around with video. I just got
a flyer from Dell, some sweet deals there, and they'll bring it
right to my door. Hmmm.

I don't really care what type of computer anyone gets, pro Dell not pro Dell doesn't effect me. But JHR how can this be true "with Dell is if you want to upgrade or add on, if isn't a dell product it's a big pain in the ass. Lot's of glitches compatibility wise."

When you buy a car can you add any kind of wheels you want? Yes, Dell doesn't make many of its components so adding on is the same for any computer? A hard drive is a hard drive and rom drive is a rom drive. If you had a problem adding it on a Dell you would have had the same problem adding it on an IBM. Nothing is propietary on the system.

Dell is excellent for the average user but power users are better off building a custom jobby because they can customize it to meet their needs. I know you can add stuff to a Dell but even their high end system uses some crappy hardware. For example, the video cards and memory used in most Dell pc's are lower end, but in all honesty, the average user won't be able to tell the difference anyways. It's the nit pickers like myself that build a system and sell it a year later to build another one that wouldn't buy a dell, but in your case I would go with Dell just for their great service.

Sean, all I'm saying is having built quite a few computers I've always had those problems working with Dells, (and Compaq's for that matter)

I'm not saying Dell isn't a good product, and after reading what Jon just wrote a Dell would suit him fine, I'm just saying my experience working with them has been not the best.

Oh yeah, porn and stock quotes. Gotta have those.

I understand what your saying, just pointing out anytime that you take a pre-built system and fuck with it you cause yourself some headaches. I do it all the time with all my old IBM's, thats where both my parents work and I'm a huge Maximum Pc magazine fan so I always try and mod them. It will always be cheaper to build your own PC just like it is cheaper to build a car rather them buy it.

If your not a mechanic then you don't build your own car, frying your new motherboard or fucking your 2 Gigs of ram will jump your price pretty quick.


maximum pc is great! Pc format is another good one although it's brit.

I agree with JHR. Buying a "brand" name product has its advantages eg: warranty, customer support however they can be quite proprietary.

Add-on cards/hardware can be difficult to install because of different chipsets and system ROM company's install have "altered" such as Compaq/Dell/HP to make each of their system's "unique". Usually with the help of a ROM flash and the proper driver, difficult hardware can be added with ease. There are definitely "issues" with each company with regards to upgrades ect....

If you do choose to purchase a unit from a "brand" name company I would only recommend selecting one of the "commercial line" products over purchasing a "consumer" product. Why, because your technical support is much superior to the "consumer" support and generally speaking better "quality hardware" is installed on these units.

However if you are computer savvy or have friends that are, I would suggest looking at what your needs are before purchasing a new unit. Have a system built to meet your specific needs and you'll save yourself a ton of money and likely have a better-built unit than either of the "name brand" guy's can offer.

Just my opinion.


I lucked it for the Holidays...laptop and wireless internet.

Thanks to my wife, she hates me even more now...:)

Thanks for the advice, guys. Looks like I'm goign with a Dell.

Good call moron.