new coworker....CORPSE breath + CLOSE TALKER..fml

Stea1th - Just keep offering him gun he'll get the idea Phone Post 3.0

Arming a stank breathed man, is dangerous.

Might shoot up the place, when somebody finally calls him out, since OP is a giant sissy.

Spit a piece of recycled gum in to his mouth when he's mid sentence.

OJTT_ConorWrestedHisBallsOnMyHead -
Mark Antony's hangover - 
OJTT_ConorWrestedHisBallsOnMyHead - Tic tacs....though they may hurt his cankers Phone Post 3.0
That's cherry binaca.. Phone Post 3.0

You're god damn right. My memory is fucked.
Lol still a great reference! Phone Post 3.0