new Crackdown DLC

Anybody pick it up? Looks to add a bunch of cool shit.

What did they offer? I've been holding on to the game waiting for the Halo Beta.

new weapons and vehicles. A bunch of cheats. the ability to reset the bosses so you can play through again fully powered. new races etc.

halo beat has been available through crackdown

and you can completely reset? I was pissed when i found out I couldn't as I wanted to go through it co-op.

Halo Beta shows up on Crackdown disc. I can't remember what it says but something like "not available for download yet."

Its the only fucking reason I haven't shipped that game back to gamefly yet.

I didnt see anything when I was on the marketplace the other day.

Halo 3 beta is available on may 16th I believe.

It requires an xbox live gold membership if I recall correctly

^Yea, a friend confirmed that. I guess I'll hold on to it for a few more days.

I heard their was a 4 player co-op in the works.