New Crysis Video. Amazing.

Not you again!

When this game comes out, I guarantee you Jokey will be saying "Damn, this game is amazing! I love the use of the sleeping bullets!"

The game might not be a great one , but you can't deny the power of the engine.

The game might not be a great one

Yeah, and the sun might not rise tomorrow.

C'mon, this is FarCry with better graphics, better gameplay, more combat options.

You can customize your weapons AND your alien armor suit. Fuckin-A!!!!!!!

Please............ it's all I have left in the gaming world right now.

Let me be.....

why is there popup? i see a lot of times just trees coming up out of nowhere. i surely hope they fix this.

other then that, looks very good. the charchter animations are very good. how they fall down etc.

but pop up! that is sooooooooo last generation :)