new Deadpool by Joe Kelly one shot...vs Spiderman!

Given all the buzz surrounding mouthy mercenary Deadpool these days, it was only a matter of time before the character crossed paths with one of the most famous members of Marvel's masked chatterboxes, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man -- and that's exactly what's going to happen this November in the pages of "Amazing Spider-Man" #611.

Not only will the issue pair two of the publisher's most banter-friendly characters, but -- you might want to make sure you're sitting down for this one, Deadpool faithful -- the match-up will be scripted by fan-favorite "Deadpool" writer Joe Kelly. Responsible for Deadpool's celebrated, surreal run in the late-1990s, Kelly will script the one-shot issue that pits the mouthy, movie-friendly heroes against one another in what he described as "a big, baroque comic book story that devolves into a 'yo mama' fight."

Kelly is joined by cover artist Skottie Young and interior artist Eric Canete on the tale, and offered Splash Page readers the first peek at the issue's hilarious cover, as well as some thoughts on how the brawl -- and the battle of wits -- will pan out.

"We're just trying to keep the Deadpool machine going," said Kelly of the character's Spider-Man cameo. "But in the end, it's all about who's the bigger wise-ass in the Marvel Universe."

Kelly told MTV News that a mysterious third party is responsible for bringing the two together in the issue, with the hope that "throwing a canned tornado" at the wall-crawler will keep him busy while more nefarious machinations unfold behind the scenes. And according to Kelly, the meeting of the two characters is less a "team-up" and more a clash of two characters whose similarities are actually their most divisive traits.

"Their jokes styles are so different," explained Kelly. "Deadpool is so absurd and mean at the drop of a hat, but Spidey is so light. ... [Spider-Man] tries to take the high road, but when you spend enough time around Deadpool, you can't help coming down to his level."

As for whether he could ever see the two characters' movie counterparts mixing it up on screen, Kelly said he doubts the capacity for theaters -- and audiences -- to handle the two characters appearing in the same place at the same time. (And given that "Deadpool" is being developed by Fox and the "Spider-Man" franchise is a Sony property, there's probably not much to worry about in that respect.)

"It would be the mother of all buddy movies," he said of a potential Deadpool/Spider-Man meeting on the big screen. "I don't know if the screen is big enough for Deadpool's ego and Spider-Man's size."

Nevertheless, he promised that readers will all get the crossover chaos they can handle in "Amazing Spider-Man" #611.

"With Deadpool, I get to make the plot as wild as possible," said Kelly, "because, well... it's Deadpool."

"Amazing Spider-Man" #611 hits shelves in November featuring a story by Joe Kelly, cover art by Skottie Young and interior art by Eric Canete. Check out an exclusive preview of the cover to the issue below:


That Liefeldized spiderman is cracking me up. Look at all the pouches.

They just ran into each other in "Suicide Kings", pissed daredevil off to no end

Happy Birthday to me :)

how can Spidey not win this? Way stronger, way faster, way more agile, spidey sense, webs, sticks to walls. Should be an easy victory sans poor writing.

Does Deadpool even have powers except the healing factor given to him by weapon x?

extreme agility, teleporter, willing to kill and nigh on unkillable.

Not to mention that he has enough combat training to take out taskmaster with his hands and feet tied.

I remember reading about this during Comicon and almost busted a nut. Can not wait for this.

The biggest equalizer is the fact that Spiderman is a good guy and doesnt want to kill or seriously maim anyone. Eg Spidey vs Wolwerine...

his teleporter is a device though, right?

I mean before they put in Wolvie's healing factor, did Deadpool have any powers at all?

and if not why would he be in weapon x?

^to be a labrat

 cure his cancer?

Deadpool vs Hawkeye (Bullseye) was epic!

you're not reading ASM? The book has been great, nice old school spider-man feel to it, if you can get over the Mephisto re-boot which most people seem to have gotten over, except hardons

^its a pact buying ASM.although ill buy the deadpool ones.:)

Then don't buy it, download it


^yeah,although deadpool had a classic line and told him that his movie counterpart Tobey Macguire had doey eyes.

If its in ASM Im gonna have to break the pact... after I read it in the store to see if its good...hahaha

What are Deadpool's mutant powers (I know about the healing factor that jacked his skin up).