new Deadpool by Joe Kelly one shot...vs Spiderman!

^he's not a mutant.just an accelerated healing factor he got from Wolverine.he does have some toys like a teleporter and an image inducer(which was once stuck as Tom Cruise face) and also got a curse from Thanos that he'll never die coz Thanos be jealous when Deadpool bangs the shit out of Death.

The Story: Deadpool-Man, Deadpool-Man – does whatever a Deadpool can...spins a web any size – but not really...Deadpool's don't have webs. Look out! Here comes the Deadpool-Man! What force on Earth has brought the Merc with a Mouth and the Webheaded Wonder closer together than Quesada and Twitter? And how does it tie to the upcoming Spider story The Gauntlet?! And finally – WHO IS LADY STILT-MAN?! Joe Kelly (DEADPOOL CLASSIC; This issue of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and Eric Canete (IRON MAN: ENTER THE MANDARIN) bring you 2079's top Marvel Comic of the last 70 years (sorry, Dazzler #500)!