New Dennis Hallman interview...

Great interview... thanks again Chris

Great Interview... Thanks again Chris

Great interview Chris. Great questions.

Glad you think so, twinkletoes. I know Hallman isn't that well known outside his Hughes victories...and he's long since been over those. It's other people that keep bringing them up...he just wants to keep fighting.

Good luck in June.


nice job!

nice interview, funny Hallman seemed humble except when talking about Frank Trigg. I think this will be a great fight.

Hallman IS humble...except over that point.

I find it very ironic that so many people say, "Hallman is riding victories from a couple years ago." Dennis doesn't even mention his victories over Hughes unless asked.

Yet there's Frank Trigg saying, "I defeated the guy that defeated Hughes twice." when all he did was deliver a 'sack attack'. He doesn't even dispute that it was a low blow. Trigg is still riding his win over Hallman in November of 2002. Then he was inactive for a year until getting choked out by Hughes. Now he thinks he's in the top three in the weight class.

I half expect Hallman to crush Trigg's nuts and accept the No Contest, but I know he'd rather choke Trigg out.

Cool Lastcall, thanks again for providing the link, I like hearing what the fighters have to say. I wasn't trying to say anything negative in my previous post.

good 1

Hallman will lay a beating on Trigg come June 19th. I can't wait.

"Hallman will lay a beating on Trigg come June 19th. I can't wait"


He may win,he may submit Trigg-- but I think it is very,very doubtful he will lay a beating on him.

My money says Trigg wins...  I hope the  oddsmakers favor Hallman..

I'll have to agree there Novak.

Dennis doesn't really beat on people, he outworks them with technique.

I think this Trigg/Hallman fight is super matchmaking--  think about it. Both Trig and Hallman have not said the nicest things about UFC in the past.

I know after Trigg fought for them once he was convinced they are a GREAT company to work for-- but despite earlier comments by both of them UFC looks past that and signs the deal.

Trigg may lose or Hallman may lose but I think the FANS win!!

Hallman will tap Trigg out


I like the way Hallman just calls it when he says you either catch Hughes in a mistake and sub him or he will beat the shit out of you.

Hallman doesn't split hairs...he calls it like he sees it. He know that if he hadn't caught Hughes he'd have been in for two long and tough fights.