New division in the UFC?

I think they should make 206 to 230 the HW division and then 231 to 265 SHW. Then have 266 and up unlimited weight class.


I disagree. This would specify the weight classes.







Mabye 250 and up for Super heavy... I think it would keep alot of the 205ers fighting @ HW iso LHW...

I'm waiting for the Internet Warrior Division.

I don't think there are too many classes. This eliminates the bulge between 205 and 265 and sets a div for over 265.


Which present fighters would you see being advantaged by this new weight class?

You wouldn't have guys like Tim Silvia going against smaller heavies. Also you allow guys to move around in weight classes easier.

Mabye Cabbage

Tom Erikson (sp)

Gan McGee


I've said this since the beginning. The weight classes they have are perfectly fine - except that the cutoff for superheavy should be 235. I believe there are a lot of guys out there who might get more active, except that the are just too big to cut down to 205, but do NOT want to have to face a 250+ pounder.

155 and 170 is a HUGE difference if you are talking about a world-class level match. For your average everyday peson just grappling, not a huge deal. For your lowere level MMA fights, still not that significant. But take two guys of near equal skill level, especially if they are both extremely skilled and talented, and the bigger one will ALWAYS have at least some advantage, especially when it comes to striking.

Anyway, Dougie is correct. Drop the superheavyweight limit to somewhere around 230, 235, or 240 pounds.