New Dodge Magnum

I saw the commercial for this car last night. I am not a fan of dodge but this car is being advertised as the most powerful production car for under $30k. Oh has a 350 HP hemi.

Anyone ever see one of these cars?

Heres the pic:

Heres the article:

The magnum show car looked great in person. I worked the car show for lexus and was there all by myself. The first car I went to was the magnum and I got to sit in it.

The "hemi" thingy is pure hype because most cars have "hemi" engines.

A hemi is short for hemispherical. An engine is basically an air pump. THe better you can move air in and out the better the engine and the more power you can make. The hemi design is, as i understand, the most efficient "air pump". All the top fuel dragsters and funny cars use hemi engines. I think that the new hemi is just a lot of hype. It does not have near the power that the old ones had. they were advertised as 425 but actually put out around 500. that is a lot of power. the new hemis are a joke compared to what they could do. imo

The Hemi name is just a marketing gimmick, but not that it really matters.

The 300c is cooler looking, imo.


"I still don't understand what's so special about a Hemi. It's a pushrod engine, isn't it? It only has 2 valves/cylinder."

Didn't we do this one before? Before the hemi came out, most engines had flat heads which had a large surface area relative to combustion chamber size. This makes a less efficient burn. The hemi has less surface area which means less heat loss and a better burn. Also the design allowed for the valves to be on opposite sides of the head instead of inline. This allowed for bigger valves.

More air + better burn=more efficient engine.

Of course most engines now use a pentroof design which is kind of a blend of the two. Allows for 4 valves per cylinder and an efficient burn. So now hemi=marketing.

"The Viper has an 8L V10 OHV engine that makes ~500 hp. The GT has a ~5L V8 4 valve DOHC and makes almost exacty the same horse power."

And if you supercharged the Viper it would produce 850HP or so. What is your point?

I saw a Magnum yesterday 2 blocks from my house.

just FYI.


"It's still a valid point. Ford is willing to put out a true world class supercar, while Dodge and Chevy settle for "affordable" performance."

I don't think it's a valid point at all.Ford's car is better because you can spend $150,000 for a car that has a small performance edge on a $50,000 ZO6,and will possibly be outperformed by the C6 version? If Chrysler built the ME412(850HP quad turbo 12) it would embarrass the GT. With a $150,000 price target,DaimlerChrysler or Chevy could match the performaqnce of the GT, and likely will. They probably won't go back 40 years for the design either.

"With a $150,000 price target,DaimlerChrysler or Chevy could match the performaqnce of the GT, and likely will"

According to more then a few car reviews, Porsche and Ferrairi couldn't beat Ford with a $150,000 budget, so why would Chevy and DC?

I'll take this for a station wagon! Suppose it corners well? ;)

"the GT has a slight, and really only a very slight performance advantage over the SRT-10 Viper"

Acceleration or track time? Curious about that one. I've seen some badass vipers on road courses, but the suspensions were dialed in and cost quite a bit to do so.

and they were testing a preproduction test mule of the Ford GT. I assume they have some tweeking yet to do.


really I could have sworn i saw a viper with a paxton and mods running 800+hp and hanging with busa's.

You did,mad tiger. That vid was circulating here for a while.