NEW Dog Judo

That's right...!!!
there are two new, dare I say more hilarious than normal, dog judo video clips out.

thay brought tears to my eyes.

"how about me dear?"

"you cant do judo with a loaded gun"

Well Josh,

This new development is intriguing. But do you have a video link? Or, failing that, notarized photos of the dogs actually engaged in randori?

"I'll wait." he says with a questioning, high-pitched, sardonic tone.

tilts head forward....raises eyebrows


Where the hell have I been. Those were hilarious Josh.
'Rexley's gun' was quintessential British humour. I love that.

Why the judo angle I wonder?

ummmmmmmmm. cause the creator is a judoka. perhaps a bit too
simplistic, i know, but i belive that there is a slight pinch of ringing truth
to the hypothesis.

I believe that logic is flawed. If the creator were a real judoka, then he would know within the first month of training that you cannot randori with a loaded gun. The concept is absurd and laughable......hmmmmmm........NOW I GET IT!

punches self squarely in mouth

I don't like to throw words like "funniest british-dog-judo-animated-fiction clips" but I just might just have to.. yes, I have to.