New Don Frye Advice Column

new one up on the IFL website - his answer about guys/girls is hilarious

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that is great!

Hilarious. A modern guy's agony aunt :o)

Great stuff. Frye has always delivered.

I'm becoming a bigger and bigger Frye fan after reading these

I love this guy.  "Eat a big steak and have a beer then maybe some tequila for desert."  That is sage wisdom.

My favorite Frye quote is "Jesus, if they keep adding rules, it'll be called Tennis".

I'm still shocked at the depth of this guy's wit. They need to compile all of his quotes into a book or something.

Don Frye needs to play a badass hero in some action movie...The guy is just cool.

I emailed " Dear Don " , Never heard back ?

a god amongst men

Dear Don,

I’m working on building lean muscle and burning extra fat, but it’s tough. I don’t mind exercising and weightlifting but I love to eat. What should I eat to help me get in shape that doesn’t taste like crap?

I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t have to starve yourself or eat a bunch of hippie health food to get in good shape. I see these people running around eating wheat germ and taking vitamins three or four times a day, and it just confuses the hell out of me.

You know what I do instead of vitamins? I take a steak three or four times a day. Then I wash it down with a beer, maybe some tequila for dessert. Keeps me going strong. So get in the gym and do some work, then eat yourself a big steak and see if you don't feel like a million bucks.

question from gabezilla?

this shit is great

I really hope it is Don Frye and not one of his assistants or something.

This shit is gold.



Well said Magnum P-- er, Don!