New Dresden Book is out

Book 9 White Night is out now. So far, so good

I'm broke or I would have bought it yesterday :(

F'ing book cost me some sleep last night. Couldn't put it down so read until I finished it around 1. Excellent installment in the series. Bit of a tease in terms of new info but had definite character growth. I'm really impressed with the way Butcher is progressing Dresden. Can't be easy to keep him evolving and entertaining over such a long series. He also does an amazing job with some of the secondary characters, most notably John Marcone. I'd expect the next book to be pretty momentous, especially considering it will be book ten.

I agree. I am impressed with the subtlety of character development. A lot of times Dresden doesn't even realize how much he changed. I also liked how in the last few books his control over evocation has gotten better without him really realizing it.

I like the fact that he gets the crap beat out of him and keeps on trucking.  Most lead characters get hurt and then are fine in the next book...

Bought this today.

But the wife is reading it first.

I'm going to finish the Order of the Phoenix and maybe a Hiassen book or The Road my Cormac McCarthy.

I've gotta have something light to read after McCarthy since his work wears me smooth ass out.

Just wanted to say, I read on his official site that Butcher has 20! case books planned for the series. He will then finish it off with an apocalyptic type trilogy. Holy shit that is a lot of books that I'm looking forward to reading.

Damn, I hope he keeps up the good work.

I heard about the 20 books but not about the added trilogy. That is cool.