New Dune Trailer...Holy sh*t

Back to the Paul vs Miles Teg thing. I think if they lived in the same time the relationship would be more like Paul’s father vs Duncan/Gurney. Obviously Teg/Duncan/Gurney would beat the Duke/Paul in single combat. And as a strategic leader of battalions where winning major battles is concerned the Teg/Duncan/Gurney characters would still be better. That’s why they have those roles as military commanders and trusted guards for the Atreides and later on (Teg) for the Bene Gesserit. But the Duke/Paul would be their overall commander in chief, because the royal Atreides would navigate the politics and larger strategies of scheming better. Teg would be Paul’s lead general in the same way he was for the Bene Gesserit.

Does anyone know if everything made it into the cinema cut or if there is a bunch of extra scenes we may one day see in an extended version?

I’d love to one day see a special directors 6 hour cut combining the two movies.

I know there’s a scene of Gurney playing the baliset…

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So the Baliset didn’t make Lynch’s theatrical cut or this one (despite this being a part 1). What’s the point of even filming that scene, lol.

My guess is that they filmed a ton of stuff…

Some of it turns out to be cool (especially for fans), but not necessary to tell the story, and ends up being left out because the studio / producers will always pressure for a shorter run time and you can add those scenes later.

just finished rewatching it. I can’t wait for part 2


They are reporting Florence Pugh is in talks to play Irulan, she’d be good i think. Wonder who will play emperor and Feyd


Really enjoyed it in the theater. But dune always frustrated me with the complexity of it’s plot, number of characters, politics etc. It’s just allot of story. It’s a little exhausting.


Confirmed today:
Pugh is Irulan
Christopher Walken is the Emperor
Austin Butler is Feyd

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Who’s going to be the 3rd stage navigator?!?!


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I can hear it already…

“You…there…throw…that girl…to the storm.”


Man, these are great imo

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We already have footage of the Emperor rising from his throne and approaching his subjects



Havent seen the new Elvis flick so dont kniw anything about Feyd. But pleased about yhe other two.

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