New Dune Trailer...Holy sh*t

oh i’ll definitely be there. i just pray that hollywood doesn’t fuck this up like they have so many times in the past.

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the sleeper has awakened


How many shitty movies has Villeneuve made?

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Denis Villeneuve is the only director today that can get this movie right. It’s going to be awesome.


…Must…resist…temptation…to click… arrrghhh!

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Part 2 and all the turquoise speedo scenes can’t get here soon enough.

Listening to interviews with Villeneuve, he LOVED Dune as a child, so much so he made his own little movies of it in his head when younger, and even some storyboard where he acted out scenes directly from the book with little action figures. He said it would not be an exaggeration to say that that is what led him to be the director he is.

If that’s true, this is his life’s work, the thing he has been dreaming of for decades - I can’t see a fan of that magnitude fucking things up or allowing others to fuck up his lifelong dream.


Oh Thank god!! I didn’t know that.

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Their doodie too.


Allegedly he’s going to try it into a series. Going to conclude with god emperor. Not crazy about that idea though.

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god-emperor is my second favorite book. Seeing it get to that point would be amazing

(and actually a good end point)

I’m getting pretty hyped about this.

Not crazy about god emperor dude. It was def an out there experience.

Dune is almost biblical, a total inversion of the hero’s journey. Watching and listening to Leto ramble about being a weirdo worm person just got bizarre after a while.

But I do understand that’s a gross simplification of what the novel actually is.

I didn’t like God Emperor either. Same with Messiah and Children of. Heretics of Dune and Chapterhouse Dune were excellent and more like the first book.


It blows my mind that they didn’t just film it all at one time and just split it up into multiple movies like they did with The Lord of the Rings.

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Never read the books or watched the early movies … cliff notes on what this show is about? Story

Spice is the oil of the Dune universe.

There are many houses (like countries) under one galactic emperor. Some of these houses are allies, some have feuds. Galactic emperor sees one house getting very popular and powerful, wants to take them out. Gives them the contract to mine spice on Dune. This house takes the offer, but unbeknownst to them is being set up for assassination by the emperor and his allies.

Survivors of this house escape the purge and seek allies amongst the indigenous people of Dune to take revenge on those that wiped the house out.

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There’s no guarantee it’d be a success though. I’m with the above takes that God Emperor was a slog to get through. I don’t think I would’ve gotten through it if my buddy hadn’t assured me that Heretics and Chapterhouse were worth it.

The whole series really is true sci-fi and really weird at times with it’s take on religion and humanity. It’s not for everyone.