New Dune Trailer...Holy sh*t

One of the things that’s hard to fully adapt the book to the screen is the internal dialogue and thoughts of the characters, from which the reader gets to know the tactics and counter tactics that are planned but doesn’t know which will get the upper hand. It’s why I like the first half of the book much better than the second half.


Shit gets nuts when Leto is basically a worm with a human head or whatever. Been a while since I read that one…

This 100%.

I love the way Herbert wrote those inner dialogues and wouldn’t have enjoyed the book as much without them.

Frank Herbert was taking LSD, magic mushrooms, ayahuasca and a little too much oregano when he came up with the idea for that book.

The high ended before he was done writing (and he had contractual obligations), so we were left with that.

Humans use “Spice” to navigate space at faster than light. They absolutely shun using computers and AI for such functions. Spice makes you have a lot of the mental powers of the force where you’re clairvoyant and see things happen before they do.

The spice makes you entire eye blue and immortal. It kills you if you withdrawal. Since the whole society/economy is controlled by the stuff, any cut off to the supply is an epic disaster.

It’s only on the planet Dune (Arrakis) and you have Feudal House/Clan structure in the galaxy. Where even if you have an Emperor, securing the spice by force, would make you powerful enough to legalize your monopoly of it.

So since the stuff is pretty much “magical/divine” religious fundamentalists worship the stuff and occupy Dune as a holy site. There’s also the sand worms the size of football fields.

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Dude what did you make of the trailer? Also thanks again, it was literally you and a few others who recommended the book to me. The descriptions of the Sardaukar got me hooked.

Speaking of which, I thought it was awesome seeing their pre-battle ritual.
They essentially crucify their enemies upside down, then anoint themselves with their blood. Couldn’t be more metal lol.

I’ve been pumped about this movie for years. Ever since I heard villenueve was involved.

But I had no idea it was going to be in two parts. That’s even better.

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In my 44 years of life this is the single most important movie I’ve ever anticipated.

Second was being a star wars freak and the anticipation of the prequals. I would pay money to have had a camera on me as I saw Baby Anikin with the worst acting by a child ever, followed by the worst teenage anakin, followed by jar jar binks, and me walking out of there like I just saw JFK get shot.

But Dune has always been my favortie sci fi movie. The books are a part of me and my childhood. This is the single greatest movie of my life to me.

I vow I will kill myself if it isn’t 10/10 because life has nothign left for me. It all rides on this.


its over GIF

I heard he doesnt show up in this movie. Maybe the next one.

looks good!

FYI, the Audible version of Dune is really well done.

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That’s what I listened to but some reviews say it was abridged and missed a lot of the internal thoughts. Should I read a physical copy? Is it different

That crucifixion ritual scene looked brutal. Was that in the books? Lynch did that weird heart plug thing, which was equally disturbing bros. The whispering was too much at times too.

not abridged as far as I know. 22hrs long and is labeled unabridged. :man_shrugging:

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Dune at its heart is a very simple ‘hero’s journey’ story and should be simple to film. I don’t see the internal dialogue as an issue as you can still portray the story without it adequately in film.

Hey man, glad you enjoyed it! Did you read the book with Miles Teg yet (I think it’s “Heretics of Dune”)?

I’m really avoiding the trailers for any movies I might b interested in watching, so I can’t comment on this one :slight_smile:

Loved Arrival, hated BR 2049, & am indifferent to the Dune universe. But, Zendaya’s great & I’ll watch her in anything for now.

Two things going on there:

  1. A big part of Jackson swinging that deal is that he was in a position with Weta to keep the production risks relatively low & the returns relatively high.
  2. Dune is a notoriously difficult property to bring to the screen & has a history of losing money.

If you had 400 million to gamble on 4 movies, you would almost certainly pick the 3 LOTR films & just the 1 Dune flick instead of the other way 'round.

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This looks to be another typical Hollywood bastardization of a good story. I predict it be a total pile of shit and, as a result, make more $ than the entire Star Wars franchise

jurassic park deal with it GIF

Its maybe better to let the actor get a bit older, there is a time jump in the books.