New DVD and Site Update

The SUDDEN IMPACT DVD is now done. This DVD covers
fighting with impact weapons including stick, double
weapons, baseball bat and SureFire lights with Strike
Bezels and Tactical Impact Devices. This DVD was a
major "production".

Lots of pics on the page.

The page has a dramatic opening...

The web site has also been updated with new pictures
and new links etc.



I just received the Sudden Impact DVD in the mail and
while I haven't had a chance to watch it in its
entirety, the parts that I did watch were awesome!!!
The production quality of this DVD is the best I have
seen on any instructional (with special effects, slo
mo, great sound, etc.), the picture quality was
perfect and looked great on my big screen t.v., and
the DVD menu made it obviously easy to navigate to the
different sections.

I have trained with Demi in the past and have all of
his instructional videos/DVD's to date. Demi is an
awesome instructor with a lot to offer to people of
all martial arts/tactical weapons skill levels. The
quality of his last two DVD's will seriously blow you
away and I can't recommend them enough!


Here's another...

Demi Barbito has just released a new DVD covering
impact weapons and their practical applications.  Upon
seeing the title, "Sudden Impact", I immediately
remembered a twenty year old Clint Eastwood "Dirty
Harry" sequel by the same title.  Rest assured, you
won't see Demi waving a baseball bat at someone while
saying "Go ahead, make my day."
What you will see is one of the best produced DVD's to
come out yet from a martial arts instructor who
continues to evolve the training methodology to make
self-preservation an attainable goal.  Impact weapons
are just another option to use in the totality of
self-preservation.  It is one thing to show someone
how to swing a stick but something completely
different to integrate this into a functional,
progressive training system.
Demi covers the single stick, double stick and the
baseball bat.  He shows how to take the training to
the absolute highest level in a safe manner .  The
footage of Demi and his students sparring is the best
quality video production I have ever seen.  Demi also
tells you where you can obtain the correct protective
equipment so training partners can go at the highest
level while minimizing the risk of injury.
Demi also covers the Sure-Fire flashlights and new and
innovative ways to use these as impact weapons.
As if this weren't enough, there is a bonus section on
Home Security in which Demi lists several items we
should have in case of an emergency.
Demi's philosophy has always been to use and explore
every viable option at your disposal to insure self-
preservation.  This is where his training system
leaves the others in the dust. A 50 year old man/woman
is being assaulted by two thugs is going to have a
hard time fending them off with a double spinning
crescent kick.  But through the options Demi brings to
the front--impact weapons, sure-fire lights, OC spray
etc., the man/woman has a fighting chance.

Ed Hovanik

Conneaut Lake, PA