NEW DVD! RileyShakir HnS 3/27/04

$12 shipped. THIS IS A DVD-R (should play anywhere)! It comes in a jewel case and is a mix of three cameras. No commentary, no titles but the picture and overall quality is excellent. THIS IS AN UNDERGROUND ONLY OFFER! PayPal See why Shakir is the "baddest micro-biologist on the planet!"


Check your account, Jeff!


Jeff, will you be @ the IHC in Hammond?

I should be at the IHC but not sure.

WOW!!!! The biggest forumn going and I sold TWO DVD's.

That my friends, was an AWESOME fight. Three rounds of non-stop action...they actually seemed to be more aggressive as time went on!

Jeff, is that the only fight on the disc?


This was an incredible bout! Shakir and Riley was a battle for the full three rounds.. talking shit and throwing bombs! A great fight.. is it the only match on the DVD?

hey jeff can you send me the tape of my last fight please.and the one with me and stonnie if that one is ready.

thanks chad washburn

ttt just ordered it-any idea when it will be shipped, thanks in advance

TTT for an unbelievable deal!

ttt, Nuri is an awesome competitor!

YEAH THIS FIGHT WAS CRAZY. Great match, luckily my view was as nuri's corner. :) The best parts were when nuri was talking shit to marcelo, he said something about him being a bitch and marcelo said, "I'm da bitch? No you da bitch! Did you hear that aron!? He called me a bitch!" It made me laugh so bad. The fight was a three round war. Definantely worth the buy.


just ordered it


Nuri v Riley was awesome . Nuri is alot better than his record shows . If the audio picked up the trash talking between Nuri and Aaron's corner it's worth buying just for that .

Aaron's corner : " that's it , choke him choke him , make him tap "

Nuri : " I won't tap "

Aaron's corner : " oh you'll tap bitch "

it went on like this the whole fight . Damn it was funny . And the good thing is it was all in good fun .


I was wondering what was going on in the corner. I could tell they were jawing back and forth, but couldn't tell what was being said or why. funny stuff!

Nuri Shakir Vs Marcus Davis...........

Full Contact Fighting in Massachusetts

Friday April 30, 2004
Tsongas Arena,
300 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Lowell, MA 01852