New Enclosure

Hey Guys,

Leon is getting to big for his enclosure (4ft wide, 3ft high, 2ft deep).  I am getting an outdoor enclosure made up (he is native to Sydney).  It will be 2m (6ft 6in) wide, 1.5m (5ft) high, and 1m (3ft) deep.  Can't wait til it's finished.  Got one of my students/friends making one from left over material when he made a aviary for someone else.  It won't cost me anything.  I think Leon will love it.

I recenlty measure Leon's skin at 2.5m (I guess around 8ft).  I figure he'd be around 7 - 7.5ft (considering shed skin stretches).  He's not that thick though.  Can't wait to get him in the new enclosure.


Definately post the pics on the cage when completed. Guess that goes without saying but I said it.

Also (two posts down) I may soon have some imaginary cornsnakes too as I think it's illegal to own corns in any capacity in Georgia.

Haha he'll see 12' yet just as we said all along ;-)

Glad to hear he's doing great and getting a new home too!

I'm begining to get worried and think he may make the 12ft mark.  He's already over 7ft and he isn't that thick at all.  I don't overfeed him either.  Lately he's fired up and finally eating defrosted rates.  He's also eating the big ones and still hungry afterwards.  When the enclosure is done and setup, I'll take some pics and post them.


Sweet you know as always if you need anyone to post 'em, just send them over.

How else do you think I was going to do it... ;)

doh...You've got me there.

any pics yet?

Wow, that sounds cool Elvis... However, a 12 foot snake can be a handful! But those diamond pytons sure are butes!

Bummer, just had a setback.  I accidently injured the guy in training who was making the enclosure for me.  It could be quite some time now. 

I know you're going to ask.  The guy is about 120kgs (260lbs), we were doing nogi training, I went for triangle and when he tried to escape I transitioned to a triangle armbar (What a suprise), normally cause he's so thick and strong he just shucks people off.  This time he made the mistake of standing when he tried this and his arm hyper extended with a nasty crack.  Hopefully he'll be well soon.


LOL only here would you find someone who can't finish his new enclosure because he broke the guy who's building its' arm.

LOL, that's the truth spankenstyne... And add to that, still be friends! Hahaha

I know what you mean... sounds crazy doesn't it.  I still feel so bad about it though...