New England Grapplers Read This

The Association of Grappling Competitors will be holding our 2nd tournament of the year on June 2nd 2007. This event, entitled the 1st Annual David Li Memorial Tournament, will be held at Lincoln Sudbury High School in Sudbury Massachusetts. The event will feature of 45 kids, masters, teens, women, and men's amateur divisions.

We are particularly excited about this next show as we have upped our prize money to 3000.00. The professional divisions are a random draw open to anyone who feels they are at that level of competition. Both Gi and the No-Gi will have 1500 in prize money with a 1k, 300, and 200, split for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place fighters. These draws will be full feed-in which means that when you lose in the main draw you will be placed in the back-draw to compete for 3rd and 4th place for 200.00. This original system, used by no other Bjj company in the world, guarantees all competitors at least 2 top flight fights, both of which are for money. The idea is to get guys as many fights and as much money as possible. Our last event featured top level grapplers, like Chris Page, Rick Macauley, Tatu Escobar, Dan Simmler, and Many others, composing what many consider to be the deepest talent pool New England has seen in many yeas.

Registration is 65.00 day of with pre registers getting free lunch and a shirt. For team rates, complimentary housing and gas money, please contact the AGC at

This event will go to our year long cash bonus champion's race points, with a portion of the proceeds going to the LaClair Family of Vermont, may their wife and mother rest in piece, and a portion going to the Positive Spin for ALS charity group. We offer by far the best facility of any local show, which now features showers, a fighters lounge, two full mat sized warm up areas, and up to 12 rings if needed. We look forward to seeing you there and to showing you the difference between a company for grapplers, and a company that isn't.

Association of Grappling Competitors President Jason Hammel

ps we raised 475 for Adam's family at our last show.



Very interesting...............

first tourny had 45+/- grapplers so +33% = roughly 60 competitors... in second one. Can you get 4 fights for kids too? FP

everyone who comes has the chance to fight four times, end of story. our first tournament had 60 guys our second had 80.

Keep in mind that, at our last show, we were able to get everyone who wanted, 4 fights. That is very difficult to do with 80 guys, and in less than 5 hours as well. Come check us out you will not be disappointed.

Whats the deal with absolute?
Anybody can enter?How much $?

Our divisions' work like this:


Each ability level has 8 weight classes, whose champions feed into an absolute division: so if you win lightweight intermediate you get entered into an absolute with every other intermediate winner.

Anyone who places top 3 gets paid in the pro division:
w 1k
f 300
3rd 200

The same goes for Gi, but instead of 8 weight classes we have 4, and our ability goes as follows:

purple and above

Every division has a back-draw to guarantee everyone 2 fights Gi and 2 fights no Gi


My guys are interested in going, so we'll see ya there.

Adam email me your contact info, so I can send you some stuff. we can talk about group rates etc.

Email sent

thanks bro



I'll be there. Last one was great.


Could you please advise on the "kids" question/answer..............FP

Hey Jason, I went to L-S with you ('98) good to see we have more people from home involved in the sport. I assume you're training with Nate & Pat?

We have many divisions, and we encourage kids of all ages and weights to come out and compete. If gym owners/club captains/school owners, have students who cannot afford the cost of entry please contact me, the AGC wants everyone to compete.

For now we have only submission divisions for the kids, but as our shows grow, and more kids come out I will expand to have no submission divisions. If there are any more questions just post and I will answer them. Thanks for the support guys.

I train with Nate and Pat, they have been great. Who are you etc.? I assume we know each other?

Thanks for the support keep the ttt's coming.