New England Writers Needed

We are looking for a writer in the New England Area for

This writer should be a decent writer and have good experience in the MMA world.  The site is dedicated to mixed martial arts fighters, events and schools in Massachusetts and surrounding states. 

We have just brought on six/seven talented individuals, and need one more.

If anybody is interested in writing for the love of the sport, plus a few bucks, please email




Thanks for the support guys.



Joined the Dragon lair gym last night and all I can say is awesome class. If your in the mass area def. sign up.

TTT for the writers

Check Chris Marshall, out of milford, he does the write ups on Jorge!!




Hey Mario, you've got mail!

Kevin MacDonald

Just so you all know, it looks like part I of the Keith Rockel interview will be posted tomorrow night (pending approval).  Keith talked about a variety of subjects including Denis Kang's comments (from last Thursday) to steroids in MMA.

Thanks for the support in bumping this thread to the top. 

leavemhurt -->I will talk with Chris Marshall, thanks.

A link to a great Massachusetts Grappling School:

TTT... It's nice to see how MMA has grown in Massachusetts! There are allot of good schools in this state. It's also cool to see the new web site that supports MMA in New England Good job!

Thanks for the support Southie. 

If you or anybody else knows of schools (MMA Only) who should be listed on, please email the info to

The email does not need to be formal, I will gladly do any research involved.

I have changed my screen Name to MASSMMA.  DragonLair has been given to Mario.  This has been a source of minor confusion to some posters. 


Attn: MassMMA,

I received an email back from you Sunday/Monday. I attempted to email back, but my emails don't seem to be going through. I'm not positive if it's my server or yours. Either way, my reply was "Sign me up!"


~Chris Drechsler-Martell
Modern Self-Defense Center
Middletown, CT

Chris - Give me a call or say hello tonight at MD 15. I will be in the Dragon Lair corner for Reid's fight.