New Enson Inoue interview

The New Journey for Enson Inoue (Part One)

Hey UG. I spoke to Enson Inoue recently on his walking pilgrimage across Japan to raise awareness for those still suffering from the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster.

Inoue is carrying his own food and water for the +1500 mile trek, and only accepting shelter and food when it's offered.

It's an inspiring story and I thought I'd try and share.

"You've got to keep the hope. If you look at the resources, there's really no way to make it. If you look at the people in temporary housing, it's the same thing: having to wait until hope comes. I hope it inspires them to continue on."

"We're affecting way more people than I thought we would."

We spoke as he approached the halfway mark of the journey, accompanied by longtime friends Mike Fowler and Roman Dela Cruz.  The article focuses on Inoue's unique MMA career and describes some of the adventures he's had on the pilgrimage.

Hope you enjoy!

The New Journey for Enson Inoue (Part One)


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