New Era Fighting? Is it "real"

Is this for real?

sad no one cares about the 1st post you made on this topic?

did they fire you?

Yea its real but they do there promos like pro wrestlers and try to "sell" themselves...

The tryouts will be @ Quiet Cannon golf course in Montebello CA in July with Kimo competeing..

No Mike, I do not work for them. Just trying to figure if it would be worth putting some of my guys in this event. Or if people knew if they were a reputable Co.

Arizona Combat Sports

Is this Rick Bassman's promotion?

"They have a bunch of fat bikers and mexicans with names like "PitShark" on the roster. I wouldn't let fighter of mine go anywhere near that shit."

afraid they'll lose?


Is it only dudes over 220 or what?