New Esfiha DVD's on their way!!!

Hey Guys, Just returned from California and spent 8 hours getting smashed by the big guy. Esfiha has put together some of the most unique Tech's I've seen. Your going to enjoy these BB tech's. Will let you know when the editing is finished and the product is out for sale!!!





I spoke with Esfiha tonight and he says they will be awesome! I asked him how awesome will they be and he said, "Why do you ask me that? I said they will be awesome. Now stop asking questions and continue push ups. I tell you, this guy!"

Heh heh heh...


thats right Dougie...u ask to much!!!!

Hey, I plan to use the special move Esfiha taught me tonight.

It goes like this.

If you get stopped by the police for speeding, you say, "It's ok man, I know Esfiha." They will let you go.

If you order pizza, when they get to the door you say, "Hey, I know Esfiha." It'll be on the house.

It works so far. I was walking home tonight and some strippers from the nudie bar were having a smoke outside the bar and I yelled, "Hey! I know Esfiha!"

Then they flashed me their boobs.


Can you tel us what material is on the dvd's by the way?

I forgot to ask because I had someone trying to choke me while you were explaining.

Dougie, you may be right. Esfiha makes friends real quick. I don't have to wait in line at the local bars anymore.

Hey Vince hows it going, did you mean you spent 8 hours getting smashed with the big guy.

I don't care if he has his own dvds, Esfiha is a cream puff! I'll fuck him up!

u bet loaf!!!! ahahhahahahha
ttt for the dvds

Big Dave,
No I mean he did every move that can cause great pain on me for 8 hours of shooting!!! I also did have a few drinks after to relieve the pain!!

T T T !!!

Esfiha is SOOOOOOOOOOOO sexy and I heard he did other movies in Showdown gear while he was down there....

He is actually telling me to write this, but we all know the truth..........


Never heard of him!

I may check the Dvd's out though, just for research of course...:)

" WHITE MONKEY" Esfiha will know what I mean!!!!

Cali will never be the same!!!

I'm not afraid to say it. Esfiha is a porn star!

I am not a porn star.

I am a local cable access TV show side kick.

I love big man jiu jitsu!!!