New Esfiha DVD's on their way!!!

me too. ttt 4 biggy

I was thinking. If I borrowed a pair of Esfiha's pants I could tape the ankles up and have myself a pair of M.C. Hammer pants.

Oooh! Can't touch this!


You mean his shorts, don't you?

just don't borrow his speedos.

thanks for the mental picture limmer

Hey is nothing wrong with me speedos right???

Better the speedo's then the White Monkey!!!

Frank told me about the 'White Monkey'. Now I am in a way glad I stayed back in St. Kits. Ive had enough sleepless nights.

I'm still a young man. Don't scare me like this please. If I ever grow back hair I would like it to be the same colour, not white from fear.

The videos people!!! Lets stick to talking about the videos!!!

So what material is gonna be on them?

Jeff, i igree with u, these guys talk to much...
TTT for Island Videos.

Esfiha will you also be selling them or are they only avaiable through Island Videos?

i dont dont know yet but ill tell u...


TTT for Esfiha's video's.


Hey whats up everybody this is AB, how did everyone do at the pan ams? I would be down there training if it weren't for my hand injury and my extreme lack of money

Whats go in on????
Call me when u have chance...

Chokes! Chokes!

Hey Vince!! Esfiha told me a bit about your fight, sounds like you got a really tough guy but did well anyway. I hope to join you guys next year if you are going. glad to hear you're OK after 8 grueling hours of shooting with Esfiha!