new favorite player...

not sure hes my favorite player but he is up there.Larry Hughes.Fits in well with Washington and has a great all around game and a great defender.So Id say he is my 3rd favorite player behind Nash and LeBron.My 4th favorite is Maggette.I got Maggette on 3 of my 4 fantasy teams.All the others I have on 1 team each.The Wizards aint bad and fun to watch.My favorite team to watch is the Suns but Wizards are close

He's finally playing up to his potential and is having an all-star season. I agree with you, the Wiz are fun to watch.

My new fave player is Jay Smooth. Kid is a monster on D and I think half his FG Attempts are

You're not too far off, 31% off his shots are dunks. This kid is a fucking monster.

Guess what percentage of Shaq's shots are dunks?

Only 27%!

Igoudala dunks a lot too 23%

So does Howard 27%

But I can't think of anyone who dunks more than Smith.