New Fedor Interview

From Pride's Japanese site:

What is your impression of the 5/5 event?

Firstly Alexander being defeated is terrible and regrettable. That is my first impression. It bothers me very much. Zentzov winning is my only comfort. The results of the other fights were basically as expected.

What was the cause of Alexander's loss?

Perhaps I think something was lacking in the preparation phase. But I want to say this: in the first round Josh Barnett rubbed his eyes, and created the question about the stoppage of the fight. The result of the diagnosis was certainly that the fight should not be stopped, and there was a doctor check too. I do not understand why Josh did this, as it was apparent that there was no abnormality in his eye as no damage was found.

Afterwards Josh pointed at you and provoked you.

Haha yes I think that demonstration is a very good thing [laughing]. Josh is a good fighter, although he was defeated twice by Mirko Crocop. I think Josh will fail when faced with a fighter the level of Mirko.

Is Josh worthy of fighting you, having defeated your brother?

I defeated Mirko, although it was not without hard work. Does not the difference come into view automatically when considering that Mirko defeated Josh twice? However, because I may fight against any fighter, it is not thought that he is my future opponent.

How about the comments by Mr. Sakakibara that he wants Fujita or Yoshida to go against you, if you can be in the 2nd round?

I feel Fujita-san is a good fighter. However, it took a while for him to beat Thompson. I thought the result of that fight was preordained. As for Yoshida, he was lucky in his opponent.

Did Fujita seem to have improved since fighting with you?

To be honest, it seemed he has not improved, although we haven't seen him fight much so I don't know. He seemed weaker than the time when he fought me.

One year ago you said you were interested in fighting Yoshida as a gold medalist. What is your feeling now?

I still want to fight against Yoshida-san. Because I always want to fight against the wonderful player who captured an Olympic medal. Because Yoshida is the type of fighter who fights thinking how to show a great technique, fighting him is very interesting.


TK retired after his fight. What did you think?

It was very strange to see that TK did not show his usual high-level technique. He dared to fight blow for blow with Hunt, which is Hunt's strong point. I thought that being defeated by Hunt without showing his own strong points was very strange. Why did TK-san do that? Why were his good techniques not shown and opportunities taken? I think it was possible to show the techinques in which he was advantageous more.

Do you have a message for TK?

That fight is only a strange impression for me, rather than any feeling about retirement. I think TK should put out his strong points and show his merit quickly. It is not necessary to bravely show your weak points. Why did he not use his multiple techniques, even in the mount? I am baffled.

Since you fought against TK, do you have any feeling about his retirement?

No. If a professional athlete chooses to retire, there is no special feeling about it.

I see, then what do you think about Hunt's statement that he will overthrow you in the 2nd round?

It is very doubtful that he can win in the 2nd round, although he is a good fighter. I think he will possibly be defeated by someone.

Who then becomes the most powerful enemy for Fedor in the 2nd round?

The fighter who has improved, especially by new techniques, has not been found, although there are many fine fighters and the results were roughly as expected. Therefore, the fighter who becomes a maximum powerful opponent for me, I don't think he is there. He may fight against me, but the fact is for many of them, this will be his second defeat by my hand. However Nogiuera is there. He might become a powerful opponent if I can see some new techniqes. But just from seeing the 1st round, it didn't seem he has improved especially.

That is a confident statement! What is the state of the right hand now?

Again the doctor has seen it, but nothing can be said at the current stage. There is still a metal plate now.

Will Fedor participate in the 2nd round?

I want to participate very much. I will fight in July or whenever the hand heals.