New Fedor vs. Barnet poster (pic)


 You would think they could have atleast spelled Josh's name right.



Sounds french.

Barnet vs Edor finally!

Zuffa still retains rights to the name "Josh Barnett", so he is "Jash Barnet" from now on.

 The Baby Assed Facassin?

so who is fighting who?
what the card?

d mo - since when is Mark Paul Gosselaar doing mma? and how did he swing a fight with fedor????


whats with the cross?

is this fight being held in a church?

jongkiman -

 nice. did you make that or is it another poster?

 "whats with the cross?

is this fight being held in a church?"

I think theyre both Christians.

The think I like about the Affliction poster is that the photos of the two guys seem to be taken in the same place. I hate it when it looks like the photo of one guy looks like it was taken in bright light and the other is like a blown up really dark photo.


Great poster minus the misspelled Barnet!!!

Oh man I can't wait to hear Dana drop this one somewhere in a vlog soon...

I like both versions of the posters.Hopefully I can get them both signed.

Personally I like the first one.

Old School Retro feel.

Looks like a child molester vs a fag!

Just kidding of course.

Card -


are they divided by christianity?