New Fedor Walkout Tee is the Best One Yet. 

that looks good!

red white and blue?

Lord Kancho - red white and blue?

 Much like Russia


 Im just glad it doesnt have the double headed phoenix on it like the rest of his gear.

Don't wanna rep Mother Russia too hard now!

That is very nice indeed! Phone Post

that red shirt is badass. i'd sport that any day.

Very cool looking shirt.

i want

I like the red version of the white shirt...might get it..I have the last one he wore

I like that. Phone Post

I like


I like, rare for me to say about mma stuff Phone Post

I need a new Fedor shirt, since I can't wear my 'Nobody Beats Me' shirt anymore. Now that was a cool shirt! I remember wearing it at a bjj tournament. My buddy won his weight division and I got more comments on my Fedor T all night than he did for winning his weight! LOL!

+1 for no skulls, barbed wire, pitbulls, etc.

I don't like the gay cursive lettering. They should just have FEDOR in the same script on red or black shirt.

Nice shirt, I like the motivational reminder.