New FF4= not that bad.

If you put everything into perspective. It is a hollywood superhero movie after all. But I thought it was better then the first. It was intertaining anyway. There are a couple things that are going to make the die hard comic fans cringe. But there is in every comic movie. I liked it,the girlfriend liked it and my son wants to se it again. I'm not giving spoilers unless asked.

Aside from Dr Nip-Tuck Doom it was good.

the gf said that SS was BLAF

Not bad for a matinee; it's pretty kid friendly and should pull down some decent opening weekend $.

I don't necessarily want that as I like my Sin City and 300.

leigh is right, Its not oscar material. Its good if you just want to have a good time and your reality is not so distorted from comics to point out every flaw.

I had a feeling it was going to try to pull in the kids, and I was right. It debuted #1.

I liked the first 2 acts, 3rd act sucked.


Doom riding the board was rediculous

Doom rides the board!? Ok now with that cat out of the bag, I might never be able to view this movie.

I was more pissed off watching this movie than when I watched "The Hulk" the first time.Another example of the book(s) being better than the movie.But,then again, it is just a movie.

I hope they get paid for their efforts though.

I could deal with doom finding a way to ride the board. But him just taking out galactus like that was lame.IMO he didn't distroy Galactus.

Is the board really the source of SS'S power?

CNN reports

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Hollywood's superhero foursome is still fantastic at the box office.

The 20th Century Fox sequel "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" debuted as the No. 1 weekend flick with $57.4 million in sales, slightly surpassing the $56.1 million opening of "Fantastic Four" two years ago, according to studio estimates Sunday.

I was a bit irked at the Surfer apparently taking out Galactus as well. I'm ok with screenwriters having taking some liberty with pre-existing characters, but I thought that part was a little bit much. What would have been better imo would be to have Galactus arrive at the end of the movie and make it a cliffhanger type ending. Then a third movie could be FF4 vs Galactus.

Also, Doom did steal the Surfer's cosmic power in the comic some years back, if I recall correctly. I'm not sure if he was riding the board or not though. So that part didn't bother me. Heck, Doom stole Galactus' cosmic power once.

The thing that really didn't make since was that if the surfer could take galactus out,Why be his reluctant harold??


i wondered about that as well.