NEW "Fighter" Bands, Trend setter.

Maybe this is old..but i just noticed, these cool fighter bands advertised on the homepage of i think these are cool as fuck....



I have one on my arm!!! And if you've seen the thread about the recent boxer who has a serious brain injury, it's a very worthy cause.

im gonna buy several...these look cool...and nobody has them yet.


Very cool. I have a few of them

Oh man, i thought this was for fighters that were PLAYING in bands!!!!

Got one on my left wrist right now. They're great!

i just posted this to my friends on myspace...

cant wait to wear the black band with some of my hot fall gear that i bought from the mall.



ttt for the hot seller

im gonna make love to hot brazilian girls... while wearing my new "fighter" band from mass mma..

maybe ill wear it durring a hot video for
8thstreet latinas... and post cencored pics for the UG to see



I wear one and my wife wears one...

That's not as ghey as wearing matching clothes or T-Shirts with the other's face air-brushed on, is it?

haha funny post.. ^

hey i never recieved my bands..i ordered a couple weeks ago???

anyone know??

Joe Mac


I'll talk to the guy from our site that takes the orders, and sends them out. I'll get it taken care of.


Thanks alot rick.

you can contact me on my email for the info.


I'll probably get one. Where EXACTLY are the proceeds going again?

i use mine as a cock ring

"I'll probably get one. Where EXACTLY are the proceeds going again?"

Head Injury Clinic-Spaulding Hospital

Boston, MA.

Bambino-sent an email to my guy, but haven't heard back yet...I'll call him today.

thanks rick, please let me know.


I bought a bunch on day one and have passed a couple out to friends. I still have a few in the wrapper with the card attached. Great cause, in my opinion, that should be supported by athletes and fans of any contact sport.