Fire pro world! For ps4 and steam. Same old ugly sprites like always. I'm on cloud 9 seriously.

Took this from a fb post

- 30 base wrestlers.
- referees, wrestlers, rings, logos fully customizable and shareable online (so in essence, infinity copyright infringing wrestlers)
- 2000+ moves, including new ones like the One Winged Angel.
- 2000 create parts, nine layers per part
- CPU logic
- online play for up to four players
- Steam Early Access initial release, PS 4 'in future'
-English and Japanese text, international release. 
-digital only.

Been waiting forever to see what all the hype is about, I'm stoked ! Can someone let me know on why these games are so loved 

oh my goodness

Best game ever. Still play Fire Pro Returns on PS2.

The gameplay replicates the feel of Japanese matches. The customization options are insane. The bad graphics help the games ability to (traditionally) have such a huge roster from ddt, njpw, wcw, wwf, tna, pride and legends over the years

Such an awesome game.


I meant to say PS3. The game just feels like a real quality wrestling match, the pacing. The control is great. The community really makes the game. The quality of created wrestlers with dead in CPU logic is top notch. I love just turning it on and playing a Misawa vs Kobashi match. You just don't know what cool thing is going to happen. Online will be amazing.

I think it's only thirty characters because (purely guessing) they aren't planning to include any knocks off of the real feds like they've always done. They are going to leave it up to the community. I think copy right laws have changed over the years in japan so they might not be able to get away with it anymore(total guess.) With all that said I totally could believe they are planning to make sure edits of all wrestlers get leaked into the online community and openly traded so they could circumvent any legal troubles.

CavRyda -
Does Austin break chono's neck in the virtual world too?

Looks to me that the old thq wrestling games on the n64 were superior to fire pro.

FloppyBBC Divac - Looks to me that the old thq wrestling games on the n64 were superior to fire pro.
NOPE. Though the aki games were definitely great in their own right

Fire Pro is just different. So much depth. The people that are into it keep it fresh with awesomely accurate edits. With online play, it's going to be great. My first game was 6 Man Scramble on Saturn. I saw a review in the back of an EGM and was blown away. That was my first import. Then G for PS1, D for Dreamcast, and still playing Returns on my PS3. Great times playing that game. Hansen and Brody just beat the Wild Samoans on my game yesterday for the Tag Titles.

I really enjoyed the gameplay on those old games though. Ko's, tapouts, weapons, cage matches and rumbles. Taunts and character entrances were more detailed than what I'm seeing in these vids. Other than the music.