New Fitness Equipment

I am simply making a shameless plug for the guy who lives across the street from me who invented his own Fitness Equipment. He has owned a gym before and wanted to make a piece of equipment that was all encompassing. I have seen this equipment and it is "SWEET". He is currently meeting with some big fitness chains/stores/and smaller clubs to sell his equipment. He invented the different mechanisms and even copyrighted/trademarked his equipment and the way in which it moves.

He himself has placed 5th in the World Masters in Judo last year, is a Sensei at Kawaski's Rendkoan in Hamilton. His model/fitness person in the video clips is also a Judo Competitor who everyone should watch out for. Future Olympic athlete "Diego Sanchez" Yes his name really is Diego Sanchez.

He has no idea I am posting this but take a few minutes to check it out. It's perfect for clubs wanting a piece of fitness equipment but they have very litlle space.

Maybe a 'shameless' plug, but a generous and kind act nevertheless.