New Flash Gordon TV show

If they don't get the theme song from Queen, it will be a crime so heinous as to warrant instant execution :-P

King of the Impossible!!
Savior of the Universe!!
Checking In With

A couple of details on SciFi’s upcoming “Flash Gordon” series, from a recent story in The Hollywood Reporter:


* Despite earlier reports that suggested Chris Showerman (“George of the Jungle 2”) was up for the title role, it’s actually Eric Johnson – who played Lana’s jock boyfriend Whitney in the first season of “Smallville” – who will play Flash.

* More importantly, former “Charmed” writer/supervising producer Peter Hume – whose other credits include “Relic Hunter” and “South Beach” - has written the first two hours, so one assumes he will serve also as showrunner.

AICN’s own Moriarty offered this comment about the project last month:

I just hope they make this fun and don’t feel the need to turn the angst up too high. FLASH GORDON was never overly serious, and trying to chase the same sort of mood as, say, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA seems to me to be a huge miscalculation.

Flash. Ahhhh-ahhhhh. He is the savior of the universe. Please enjoy it, Sci-Fi. Please?

With a “Charmed” writer-producer overseeing things, I don’t imagine emulating “Galactica” too closely will any longer be much of a concern for fans.

My own advice for SciFi is to hire Bryan Fuller (“Heroes”) or Warren Ellis (“Global Frequency”) or the Reeves-Stevenses (“Star Trek: Enterprise”) or some other really strong genre writer to help things along.

The channel should also take pains to lock up rights to the title theme Queen recorded for the “Flash Gordon” movie. It’s aged admirably, it’s dramatic and exciting (if lyrically undernourished), and I remember it as being the only successful element of the detestable 1980 extravaganza starring Max Von Sydow and Topol. It’s hard to think of Flash Gordon without it. And a 27-year-old Queen song that never gets play on the radio - even the oldies stations - can't be THAT expensive, can it?

SciFi has ordered a 22-episode first season for the series, slated to premiere in August. Read more of this here.