New Foley 2 DVD info: 1/20/03

The following will be on the new Mick Foley two disc DVD set that comes out in January:

Cactus Jack vs. Vader (4/17/93 WCW Saturday Night match)

Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne vs. Nasty Boys (4/17/94 PPV from Chicago)

Cactus Jack vs. Sabu (6/24/94 first ECW match)

Cactus Jack vs. Chris Candido (11/18/94 SMW)

Cactus Jack vs. Sandman (2/4/95 Death match)

Cactus Jack & Raven vs. Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer
(11/18/95 ECW November to Remember)

Cactus Jack vs. Mikey Whipwreck (3/9/96)

Mankind vs. Shawn Michaels (9/22/96)

Cactus Jack vs. HHH (9/22/97 Raw match)

Mick Foley vs. Terry Funk (5/4/98 Raw match)

Steve Austin vs. Dude Love (5/31/98 Over the Edge PPV)

Mankind vs. Undertaker (6/28/98 Hell in a Cell)

Rock vs. Mankind (1/4/99 Raw)

Cactus Jack vs. HHH (1/23/00 Street fight at the Royal Rumble)

Cactus Jack vs. Sting (6/20/92)

Cactus Jack vs. Sabu from ECW (9/30/94)

Jack Foley & Les Thornton vs. British Bulldogs (9/13/86)

Plus vignettes, promos and a Confidential feature.

allright, I'll need to purchase this soonly.