New Forum Option Wanted

There are so many stupid threads after every event that I really think we should restrict users with under 1000 posts to posting on threads that were already made. They just start all these garbage threads that clutter up the place, send them over to sherdog or something.

I'm all for people expressing thier opinions but common, I can't be the only one sick of this. I'm sorry if this would affect the few newbies who create seriose threads but the majority are junk.

I agree...there are a ton of bullshit threads by blacknamers...fuck 'em!

Should be based on the join date rather than # of posts. You know dudes will just post nonsense on every thread until they hit 1000.

Can't make a new post until you hit 1 year on the forum.

So if Chuck Liddell decides he wants to start posting here, he gets the
'noob' treatment because of his post number? Quantity of posts does not
equal mma brilliance nor great ethics.....think about it. Next you'll want
the government to tax our internet usage.

"Next you'll want the government to tax our internet usage."

This thead was definatly not about you.

God forbid new people follow mma. I think there should be a test of some sort you have to pass before posting as well as continuuing education credit requirements each year.