new forum request

since my "shot dub on sifu" thread (which spoke of my legitamte king fu challenge match) was deleted and my account was frozen (why???), i see that some people on here are not down with shootin' dubs, so how about a shootin' dubs forum is created in which i would be the rougue mod, don't wanna be causing trouble on the site but dubs are dubs and should never be deleted. and i'm sure some other dub shooters out there would agree.

SHOOTIN' DUBS!!!!!!!!!



glock4life, thats what i'm talking about
maybe i will post the story again because i'm sure my dub shooters would appreciate it at least

shootin' dubs!!

*wonders what a dub is*

"SHOOTIN' DUBS!!!!!!!!!" means to shoot double leg take downs. They are used often in Folkstyle/Freestyle wrestling. They are also used alot in MMA. For an example of a double leg take down please see any of Mark Kerr's MMA fights.

timmy dome knows whats up..

shootin' dubs!!