New Frank Shamrock Interview (vid)


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"Born on the internet...It's going to end on PPV"

Pretty pumped for this fight! If Shamrock does get by Baroni, give him his wish please. Bring on Matt Lindland!

"Held every title there ever was to hold"

He never fought in PRIDE....

Interesting interview though. He said Baroni 'could control the wrestling positions' !

Even though Frank has only talked 10% the shit Baroni has, Frank has still totally verbally pwned Phil.

Cant wait for the fight

Articulate guy. Acts like a dick way too often.


Frank is the smartest guy in mma by a mile

All the guys Frank's size do NOT fight at 170.

Frank walks around fairly ripped. For the Cesar and Renzo fight he weighed in totally ripped at 185.

Frank 'off season' weight is 190+ and still looking pretty lean.

I've seen him in person a couple of times and he is friggen massive.

If he could make 170lbs then he would fight at that weight. He'd be gigantic compared to the UFC WW division.

Thank the lord Frank came back, after watching the vids of him training with Hendo and team quest i really came to appreciate(a hell of a lot more) what we are getting to see. ~Frank by Kneebar~

He was one of the best UFC announcers ever.

I don't think Oprah can make weight.

Frank is 100% correct about most guys his size fighting at 170. Frank Trigg (according to himself) fought at around 190 after weighing in at 170 the day before. Joe Rigges has fought at around 195 as a welter. Hughes and GSP are big welterweights too. of course the difference betwen those guys and Frank is that they are used to the dehydration game, Frank is not, so I doubt we'll see him as a welter anytime soon.

As for middleweights, Rich Franklin fights at well over 200. He actually needed to cut quite a bit even when he fought as a lightheavy.

sherdog has a vid of frank training for phil. at 1 point he throws an illegal knee while front headlocking his downed opponent.

bad sign....

he also said "either i will crush phil or he will crush me"

LOL @ TheDoctor


I will never be able to understand the guy who likes Phil Baroni and hates Frank Shamrock.

sounds like they both intend to stand and bang until someone gets kod

Frank will win by KO. Baroni can't defend for the life of him.

can't wait for the fight..
as a matter of fact, i don't care who wins anymore..